Alex Batdorf Is Teaching Female Entrepreneurs How To Get Shit Done

Alex Bartdorf, Creator of the Get Sh!t Done YouTube Series

Alex Bartdorf, Creator of the Get Sh!t Done YouTube Series

Did you know that only 17% of all startups have a female founder? Well, we are lucky enough to have a female founder on our show today, Alex Batdorf. Alex is a business coach, co-founder of Zip Fit, a company that delivers a perfect fit denim for every body and now the creator of a YouTube series called Get Sh!t Done. This series focuses on helping female entrepreneurs maintain a balance between pursuing purpose and profit.

Growing up in Seattle, Alex had a lot of family support; they always told her the sky was the limit. She was never that kid that knew she would be an entrepreneur, she just knew she wanted to impact the world. Moving to Chicago for her undergrad degree was a big culture shock for her, but taught her a lot. After getting her Sociology degree and seeing all the entrepreneurs from her classes she realized the potential she had to become the great entrepreneur she is today. Tune in for more!

  • Growing up in Seattle

  • Culture shock moving to Chicago

  • How Sociology influences her as a founder

  • The story of starting ZipFit

  • The ins and outs of finding investors

  • Her new Youtube series, Get Shit Done

  • How she is helping other Female Entrepreneurs

Ambition Today Question of the Day™ :
“How do you know when it is time for a change, and when you recognize it, how do you push it forward?”

The Single Greatest Piece of Advice:
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Quote Of The Episode: 
“You have to give yourself oxygen first… if you don’t have oxygen for yourself, nothing else can work.”

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