The Companies Building A Better Tomorrow


Access Square - Improving investor access to the management of public companies.

After All - Share memories, stories, and lessons from a life well lived.

Alta Claro - On-demand one-on-one legal experts.

Alternative Learning - Alternative employee training for financial institutions. 

Ambrose Madison - Modern designer men's accessories. 

Arella - Connecting precisions care experts and patients. 

Artfuse - Putting street performers on the map in real-time.

Augmented Review - Changing how industrial designers review a 3D mobile mockups.

Beginex -  Start your tech career with real work experience.

BikeMinds - Connect with riders and brands that share your passion.

Bridal Playbook - Tell us your vision, sit back and relax while wedding vendors send you quotes.

Brnder - Helping influencers establish and grow their personal brand.

BucketCheck - Create and accomplish your bucket list with your friends.

Buy My Order - Distributors compete to offer Restaurant owners the best price.

Candogram - Job match technology using unique machine learning & big data.

Ceeq - Luxury convertible bags to take you from professional to functional. 

Clapper - Streamlining communication and logistics for media productions.

Coin Zoom - Send & receive cash.

Collar and Kitchen - Real food, balanced just for dogs.

Consolibox - Safe keeping for all of life's important stuff.

Craft and Savor - Wellness starts with real food.

Curbicus - The clean compostable solution to dog waste for urban pet parents.

Dabl3 - Live deals just got smarter. 

Dal Enterprises - Amazon analytics, creative, and full service management.

Day One Solutions - Improving college student outcomes. 

Deciding Vote - Match with candidates who care about the same things you do.

Dental Stores - Online dental stores for dentists.

DealGeeks - Drive foot traffic into your business.

Diamond Hedge - The first price comparison with over $5 Billion dollars of diamonds to choose from.

Diasppo - Helping internationals secure internships and job sponsorships.

Easy Aerial Inc - Modular smart drones for industrial applications. 

Egg Fund - Helping the 1 in 8 Americans with infertility afford their dream to have a family.

Factual VR - Capture and reproduce crime scenes using Virtual Reality technology. 

Fantasy Gods - An interactive daily sports fantasy game.

Ferron - An accessories brand that celebrates a vegan lifestyle.

ffoodd company - Creating equal food access one order at a time.

FundingFuel - Invest in pre-vetted franchises. 

GameBase - Developing localized mobile e-sports games.

GigSesh - Helping professionals make extra cash by connecting them to advice seekers.

Give Simply - Automatically donate to your favorite charities. 

Happo - Simplifying your children's birthday planning.

Happy Heart Kid - Helping families "Play with Purpose".

Home Abroad - Discover Africa through textiles.

Home-Cooked Dinner Club - Fastest way to a home-cooked meal.

Home Matcher -  Find your dream home before it's for sale.

Insider Rental - Increasing real estate building transparency. 

Invoira - Automating the supplier payment processes. 

IREX - Retail real estate intelligence at your fingertips.

Jia Collection - Versatile fashion for women on the go. 

Klothe - Connecting consumers with new and independent fashion brands. 

Kontomo - A digital publishing system enabling anonymous feedback for the performing arts.

Lizen Up - Discover stories about any object around the world.

LocaHolic - Artificial intelligence to make sharing great restaurants easy.

LookStyler - A global marketplace for professional stylists.

Maxamoo - A podcast about New York City theater & performing arts.

Meddy - Cloud-based, patient-owned health records platform. 

Meet Me Next - Where speakers and fans connect.

Menusnap - Translating restaurant dishes through augmented reality.

MERE - Direct to consumer luxury knitwear brand for socially conscious consumers. 

Mindsprinkles - Sprinkling culture into your child’s screentime.

Minque - Connecting curious minds with educated answers.   

Miramom - Connecting working professional parents with flexible jobs. 

ModiPhit - Voice enabled personal training app. 

Murality - The world is your gallery.

My Citizen Source -  The first U.S. citizenship game.

Nekai Leon - A socially conscious & contemporary fashion brand with a personalized shopping experience.

NvestN - Low cost robo-investing platform for the underserved market of investors.

Okupied - Helping rental property owners manage their business on the go. 

One Remission - Empowering cancer survivors to stay in remission.

ONYO - The power of choice is yours, always get the food you want.

Onward: Achieve Tech-Life Balance

On Your Slyvs - Wearable designs that inspire and empower. 

Own Your Crisis - SaaS for pre-planning family emergencies

Paction - Friend to friend marketing platform. 

Pathgather - Think outside the LMS.

Paxi - Native tongue ride sharing for international visitors. 

Petvet - Real time medical billing insurance claims for Veterinarians.

Perceptive Things - Protecting real estate properties from damaging internal incidents.

PicketFencer - Find a hometown that fits.

PocketSomm - A personal sommelier that lives in your pocket.

Pocmi - Connecting companies with international talent.

Postadium - Enhancing the soccer fan experience.

Prix Fixed - Where planning is not the event. 

Process Pure - Opportunity management software for B2B sales. 

Ranked - Rating student culture at every college in the nation.

Rater Bee - Digital ratings for in-store retail associates.

Ready To Go Survival - Personalized emergency survival packages.

Real Assembly - The future of real estate crowdfunding.

Redaptiv Health - Natural, edible pain relief. 

Redefined - Helping users secure income in retirement, not just helping save a nest egg.

Rose Galactic - Making CubeSat access to low earth orbit as accessible as possible.

SASTE - Technology to support organizations providing mentorship programming for women.

Scholar Club - Help vetted students go to the college they deserve.

Serene Ofiices - Helping mental health professionals grow their private practice.

Shortcake - Memories made easy. 

Skour - Mobile storefront for brick and mortar boutiques.

SocioSpree - A curated marketplace for successfully crowdfunded products. 

Spot On - Ride hailing marketplace for pets and the people who love them. 

SquarePeg - Intelligent assessment based job matching for candidates and employers.

Stareable - Searchable. Shareable. Stareable.

String Flix - Effortlessly stringing mobile video clips together across the world.

Tagland Toys - Simple, organic, fun plush toys for babies. 

Tatjack - Mobile marketplace connecting tattoo artists and customers. 

TeddyMozart - Let your memories transcend borders and time.

TellyVizion - Where artist's work and shows are compensated directly by the audience.

Tenshey - Advancing gender diversity through executive coaching.

The Lighthouse - Connecting young people with a network of young professionals.

Transfer Impact - Easily transferring cashless funds, directly to those who are unbanked and in need.

Transparentcity - Sharing apartment experiences with the community. 

TrepMinds -  Teach students how to be entrepreneurs, not employees.

Tug Force - On demand trucking service platform.

Urban Trips - Automated generation of customized travel agendas in the worlds best cities. 

Ushu - Custom tailored shoes to your unique foot's shape.

Viahhey - Making viewing traditional travel content on social media, bookable.

ViaHome - Platform connecting investors with sponsors of affordable housing developments. 

Viozel - Find, quote, and track the progress of med tech services.

Virtzy - Connecting beauty & wellness professionals. 

Ward eSports - Find communities for every eSports game.

Weekend SPIN - Automatically capture and share your weekend.

WILO - Send and receive video messages with digital cash gifts. 


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