About Kevin Siskar

Having built a portfolio of over 100 early stage technology companies, Kevin Siskar is a highly ambitious investor with a vision for a futuristic tomorrow. He is the Managing Director of the Founder Institute New York, host of the Ambition Today podcast, Venture Partner with Outbound Ventures and a co-founder of the NYC Innovation Collective.

As the Managing Director of the Founder Institute, Kevin manages New York's early-stage technology startup accelerator, oversees the local portfolio of talented founders, and works with the best startup mentors in the city. Through a challenging curriculum and strong post-program support, the Founder Institute provides entrepreneurs with structure, mentorship, and the network to start an enduring globally scalable company. Kevin was awarded Best Startup Ecosystem Developer across the Founder Institute network, which serves almost 200 cities worldwide.

As host of the Ambition Today podcast, Kevin explores the heroism and hardships of the entrepreneurs, builders, investors, and creators who have ambitiously strived to make the world a better place.

While a Venture Partner with Outbound Ventures, Kevin uses his expertise in early-stage startups to be instrumental in finding consumer brands that embody the millennial mindset. Outbound Ventures invests in brands that “grew up digital” and focus on sustainability, well-being, quality, and convenience. Companies with novel applications of technology that enhance the interaction between brands and consumers.

Kevin has also co-founded a nonprofit alliance of New York City’s top tech organizations called the NYC Innovation Collective. This growing company of over 120 accelerators, incubators and other platforms of innovation provides easy access to exchange learning programs, resources and relationships to empower the participating leaders in adding more value to their portfolio.

During his schooling, Kevin majored in Cognitive Neuroscience at the State University of New York at Buffalo, with a minor in Philosophy. He has an immense fascination for understanding human nature and the ability to transform a simple idea into a larger than life reality. Through this period, Kevin spent time abroad in London, England working for Everyman, an entertainment startup bringing an innovative lifestyle approach to the film and cinema industry. Living in Europe gave Kevin the opportunity to study how sociological research approaches can affect the development, revision, and application of social policies in different contexts. While in the United Kingdom Kevin was awarded the CAPA Record of Achievement.

After London, Kevin moved to New York City and began working for Jason Calacanis’ Launch Ticker, providing news bytes on the latest tech stories for quick and convenient delivery to readers on the go. Kevin then built software and worked on new business development for Collective, one of the largest advertising technology companies in the world at the time. 

In addition to exploring the world of entrepreneurs, enhancing his understanding of venture capital investing and knowledge of startups, Kevin volunteered for almost a decade as a Fireman and EMT near Buffalo, NY, where he served as the Firematic Lieutenant and found great reward in giving back to his community. He now sits on the Tech Innovation Board for FWD.us to promote policies that keep the U.S. competitive in a global economy, starting with fixing the United States broken immigration system and criminal justice reform. He is married to his wonderful wife, Colleen, who is a licensed Art Therapist, Teacher, and Fashion blogger at Colors Of Colleen.

Recently Kevin taught the online course on Skillshare, Productivity Today - Managing Attention In The Digital Age, which approximately 30,000 students have now taken. In this class, Kevin shares how you can increase your attention span, quiet your mind, and get more done.

Kevin has worked with and been featured by The New York Times, Forbes, The Next Web, the NY Jets, Buffalo News, NASDAQ, Entrepreneur, Huffington Post, Product Hunt, and more.