Mitch Wainer: Bringing an Infectious Energy to the Marketing World

Mitch Wainer, Chief Marketing Officer at Clubhouse

Mitch Wainer, Chief Marketing Officer at Clubhouse

We are exploring the marketing world on today’s episode, with our special guest, Mitch Wainer. He is the creative marketing leader with many accomplishments such as Co-Founding Digital Ocean and being the Chief Marketing Officer at Clubhouse, a project management platform for software teams that provide the perfect balance of simplicity and structure. Mitch is an active advisor and speaker on entrepreneurship and growth marketing to the startup community

Mitch grew up with a great family support system, that he feels is an important part in his entrepreneurial success. He graduated with a degree in Marketing from Northeastern. Short after graduating college, he found himself sitting in board meetings with seasoned professionals, trying to convince them that Facebook and Social Media is the way of the future. Listen in to find out more about Mitch and his success

  • High school and college years

  • Family Support System

  • Teaching himself how to build websites

  • Mitch’s first start out of college

  • Being a part of the Ask Jason podcast

  • Co-founding Digital Ocean

  • Mitch’s role at Clubhouse

  • Marketing then compared to marketing now

Ambition Today Question of the Day™ :
“Do you travel often, how important is travel for you, how do you balance time for those new experiences and get shit done as a founder?”

The Single Greatest Piece of Advice:
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Quote Of The Episode: 
“The support system around you is a key ingredient to being successful”

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