LIVE EVENT! Cryptocurrency, ICO, & Blockchain Law in 2018 with Joe Daniels of McCarter & English

Joe Daniels, Co-Chair of McCarter & English Venture Capital & Emerging Growth Companies practice

Joe Daniels, Co-Chair of McCarter & English Venture Capital & Emerging Growth Companies practice

This episode comes to you from the heart of New York City for our first live podcast episode discussing cryptocurrency, ICO, & blockchain law. In late January almost 100 founders gathered at the offices of McCarter & English for our January Founder Institute Meetup! The crypto founders there heard from Joe Daniels, who is the Co-Chair of the McCarter & English's Venture Capital & Emerging Growth Companies practice. Joe has worked on numerous SAFT & token offerings, including San Francisco based Quantstamp, which just raised $30 million in its pre-sale, along with Augmate, The Valorem Foundation, RealECoin, VIMarkets, CoinBoost, and RecylcleGO.

During this event, Joe reviewed the current cryptocurrency, blockchain, & initial coin offering laws in 2018. Learn the key things that you need to know about ICO's, the SEC, international business, SAFT agreements, and more. If you are interested in understanding the legalities around cryptocurrencies, tokens, and the blockchain, then you will definitely enjoy this episode. The slides that Joe is going over during his presentation are available below if you want to follow along. They are packed with information, such as: 

  • What are Blockchain Tokens (Cryptocurrencies)

  • What is an ICO

  • How much has been raised in ICOs / SAFTs

  • How do SAFT agreements work

  • Regulatory Issues w/ ICOs

  • The SEC's response to the emergence of cryptocurrencies

  • Current Best Practices for cryptocurrencies

Follow Along With All The Slides From The Event:

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