EO Global Chairman Brian Brault On Investing In Community And Yourself

Brian Brault, Chairman of the Board at Entrepreneurs' Organization

Brian Brault, Chairman of the Board at Entrepreneurs' Organization

Today we have the pleasure of speaking with Brian Brault; a successful entrepreneur that has been recognized twice in his career by the Inc. 500 for building one of the fastest growing companies in America. Currently Brian is the Global Chairman of the Board at Entrepreneurs' Organization.

He is also the founder of Advanced Facility Services and Pure Rooms which was deemed one of the best companies to work for in western New York and was awarded best entrepreneurial company in western New York.

A graduate of the University of Buffalo’s School of Business, Brian is very active on community boards. Being the Global Chairman for Entrepreneurs’ Organization Brian helps grow their network of 12,000 entrepreneurial members in 54 countries. He believes in surrounding yourself with strong people because your success is a product of the five people that you spend the most time with. Today Brian talks about:

  • What got him excited at a very young age to be an entrepreneur

  • How he build Advanced Facility Services & Pure Rooms

  • Why he supports Entrepreneur’s Organization globally

  • Do you need to be in a major market like NY to be successful?

  • His speech at the United Nations

  • The importance of community for founders

  • His 10/10/10 morning routine

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Quote Of The Episode:
“Everyone has a little bit of entrepreneurial spirit inside them it's just your tolerance for risk and how that is nurtured in your life will really determine how much you will pursue and build on that entrepreneurial spirit.”

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