Skip Hop's Michael Diamant Innovates Baby Products

Michael Diamant

Michael Diamant

From being forced to layoff his whole staff, to selling his company for $140 million, our next guest, Michael Diamant, has great insight on how he became successful. Michael Diamant created a well-known brand with his wife, called Skip Hop, which was sold to Carter’s for $140 million. It all started with a diaper bag in 2003. Michael and his wife wanted a diaper bag that was fully functional, however, also appealed to a fashion savvy crowd. The company continued to grow for 15 more years creating several more innovative baby care products before they were bought by Carter’s. Now both Michael and his wife continue to work with Carter’s to help grow the brand Skip Hop.

Before Michael created a very successful brand, he had a great career and started multiple companies. He has a background in advertising and was a happy employee at MTV. Tune in to find out more about how Michael became successful…

  • Growing up

  • The world of advertising

  • Working at MTV, and the impact it had on Michael

  • His first company – T3 Media

  • How he was able to start iClips

  • How it felt to have to lay off 35 employees

  • His Skip Hop Journey

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What advise would you have for other entrepreneurs who are trying to find product market fit?

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