Michael Loeb's New Approach To Launching Billion Dollar Companies

Michael Loeb

Michael Loeb

Joining us today is the Founder and CEO of Loeb.nyc, Michael Loeb. Loeb.nyc represents a new approach to launching early stage startups that pairs capital with the support of experts across a wide range of disciplines. Prior to this, Michael Loeb co-founded Synapse in 1992 with Jay Walker. Synapse then became the largest seller of consumer magazine subscriptions worldwide and now is a subsidiary of Time Warner. Along with Jay Walker, Michael Loeb also assisted with the creation and early stage funding of Priceline.

Although Michael Loeb was born in St. Louis, MO, he has been in New York since the age of one year old. However, it was not until he was fired from Time, Inc that he realized his entrepreneurial potential. Tune in to this episode of Ambition Today to learn more of Michael’s amazing story:

  • Growing up in New York City.

  • Working at Time, Inc.

  • Why being fired can sometimes be important.

  • Creating Synapse.

  • Co-founding Priceline.

  • Expansion of Loeb Atlanta

  • Selling his company for $800 million & becoming a billionaire.

  • Creating Loeb.nyc to help build new companies.

  • Why New York is a unique startup ecosystem.

Ambition Today Question of the Day™ :
I have heard you say that you wish you had bet on yourself earlier in your life. How old were you when you quit Time and how can people bet on themselves earlier in their own life? 

The Single Greatest Piece of Advice:
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Quote Of The Episode: 
“It is hard to be an entrepreneur in your 30’s, if you didn’t have a big win in your 20’s.”

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