Jesse Middleton Talks Building WeWork Labs And Investing With Flybridge Capital

Jesse Middleton

Jesse Middleton

Over the years WeWork has grown to become a $16 billion empire of co-working office spaces that are disrupting the traditional real estate markets all over the world. Our guest today, Jesse Middleton, joined the team as the founder of WeWork Labs, the company’s startup focused community. Since then he has helped the company grow into the giant it is today. Recently he has just joined the venture capital firm Flybridge as a General Partner.

Early on with entrepreneurial parents, Jesse learned that he did not have to take the traditional path in life and that he could forge his own future. He started to do just that, as he founded his first company before even going to college. Fast forward to Fast Company magazine once comparing Jesse to Jack Dorsey, then onto his time building WeWork Labs, and now his time as a VC at Flybridge. Jesse has a great story full of many lessons, such as:  

  • Recognizing at an early age the ability to create your own path in life.

  • The importance of keeping a clear focus at the early stages of a new company.

  • How Jesse founded WeWork Labs.

  • Just get started and go.

  • The lessons from actively helping grow a $16 billion company.

  • Why long term vision is so important for the founders of companies.

  • What is next for WeWork Labs.

  • The intersection of community building and being an investor.

  • The future of Venture Capital.


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