Eric Duffy, CEO of Pathgather On What's Next For Learning Management & Startup Life In Silicon Alley

Eric Duffy, Pathgather

Eric Duffy, Pathgather

Eric Duffy, Co-Founder and CEO of Pathgather, a beautiful and engaging learning platform for the modern workforce joins us on episode 6 of Ambition Today. We get into the insights fast on this episode: 

"What do I think will allow me to have the most impact on my short time on earth" - Eric Duffy

For Eric, after some time abroad in Africa, the answer to his question was to start Pathgather. We discuss how traveling the world can lead to inspiration for new great ideas. From there Eric moved back to Silicon Alley and joined the Founder Institute in New York to launch Pathgather. His journey through founding a startup takes us through:

  • How a great MVP tests user behavior and can attract your first customer.

  • Graduating the Founder Institute New York.

  • How to position yourself to enable meeting your Co-founder.

  • Joining Techstars New York City.

  • Disrupting a stagnate industry such as the Learning Management System (LMS) space.

  • Fundraising your seed round and how a convertible note works.

  • Attracting investors such as Bloomberg Beta, Contour Venture Partners, Techstars, The Vedas Group, Tigerlabs Ventures, Palm Drive Ventures, Jerry Wang, Thomas Wisniewski, and Michael Derikrava.

  • And also:

The Ambition Today Question of the Day:

What should a new startup founders first step be?

Todays News:

What are your thoughts on Twitter naming Jack Dorsey, one of its founders, as CEO?

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