This Made In NY Drone Just Doubled Quadcopter Flight Time

Easy Aerial Kevin Siskar.jpg

Each year, The Founder Institute helps launch dozens of technology companies across the globe. Once founders graduate from our 4-month program, they quickly begin using techniques like crowdfunding campaigns to drum up interest and obtain funding.

Easy Aerial, a New York Founder Institute company, has recently launched a Kickstarter campaign for their newest addition to the Easy Drone family, the Easy Drone XL Pro. In just a few short days the company has raised $21,238 of it's $30,000 goal. This is their second time on Kickstarter with a new and updated drone that has been improved upon from the previous version with testing and feedback. Last time on Kickstarter, Easy Aerial successfully raised $45,627 and shipped all of it's rewards by its promised dates. 

What is incredible about this drone is that it is the longest flying personal quadcopter drone, with 45 minutes of flight time. It also has the ability to lift a pro camera, which many others drones are too small to do until you reach a budget of almost $10,000. The Easy Drone Pro XL only costs $1,495 to super early bird Kickstarter backers. 

Easy Aerial Kevin Siskar.png

Easy Droneโ€™s frame is made from carbon fiber and aluminum and is extremely rigid, yet it can be taken apart completely without tools and carried in a small backpack. Because of the modular design it is very convenient for transportation. Easy Drone has the largest frame size relative to travel pack, flight time and lift capacity on the market.

The maker of the drone, Easy Aerial, is an up and coming modular drone design company based out of New York City. They have already built a bit of a name for themselves with the consumer version of Easy Drone that did really well on Kickstarter. They have also been featured on AlleyWatch, InsertCoin, InterDrone, TechDay 2015, and Maker Faire.  Check out the companies new kickstarter here.