Being Creative


Being creative is hard. It’s a lot like frequently going to the gym. When your consistently going, it’s easier to keep going. But when you fall out of it, it’s like climbing a mountain uphill to get back in your creative flow. 

I read this quote from Seth Godin recently and thought it captured this perfect:

“Habits are much easier to maintain than commitments.

I’m pretty sure that the blog would still have an impact if I missed a day here or there, but once a commitment is made to a streak, the question shifts from, “should I blog tomorrow,” to, “what will tomorrow’s blog say?”

I agree with this wholeheartedly. Instead of a few long form posts (which was a goal of mine, back in January), I am going to start doing short quick posts. Which is more how I used to write when I started this blog anyway. 

Everyone has a different creative process. For me personally I think I have learned it is more important to exercise my “creative muscle” consistently, in order to keep the creative ideas flowing mentally. As opposed to spending weeks perfecting a long form post which in my eyes will never actually be perfect enough to press publish. You live and you learn.