The Inaugural Founder Institute Buffalo Cohort

Founder Institute Buffalo

Founder Institute Buffalo

I am very excited to say that we have graduated the Inaugural Founder Institute Buffalo cohort on July 18th. Nine new companies and founders graduated from Founder Institute Buffalo from our Spring cohort. The companies represented several industries ranging from fashion, to electric vehicles, to daycare and more.

I want to thank the Buffalo Mentors and the Founder Institute team for all the hard work and time put into helping the founders of FI Buffalo 2019. As well as the rest of the amazing local director team; Scott Wayman, Lauren Baynes, & Cody Semrau! I want to also thank the founders of FI Buffalo 2019 and I am very excited to continue supporting them on their journey. 

Founder Institute Buffalo 2019

Bands To Watch - Fan engagement platform for venues and artists.

Eco-Carriage - Providing alternative fueling, sourced from zero-emission energy resources. 

FashInPost - Realtime fashion feedback.

Inacquis - Attract and screen the next generation of talent.

Kubed Root - Indoor co-farming.

Lint - Modern wash and fold.

Reiner United - Unique online storefronts.

SmartPlay Playcare - A new kind of day care solution.

Third Estate Analytics - Driving neighborhood change with data.