Conquering The Winter Blues With Colors Of Colleen

It is always impressive to watch when founders and creators show constant persistence over time. One of the most persistent creators I have had the pleasure of watching grow, I am proud to say I am married to. For the last few years I have watched as Colleen has built Colors Of Colleen, a fashion fix with a mindful mix. This month she wrote an excellent post that I feel could be helpful to the lives of some New York City founders. As such I felt it was worth sharing here, with you.

Colors of Colleen Marie Siskar co .jpg

Living in the North Eastern United States means winters can at times be long and brutal. Especially those across New York State, stretching from Buffalo to NYC. When we’re getting less sunlight in the fall and winter our brain is producing less serotonin, which cam impact mood. Two recent studies suggest the culprit is a brain circuit that connects special light-sensing cells in the retina with brain areas that affect whether we are happy or sad. When these cells detect shorter days, they appear to use this pathway to send signals to the brain that can make a person feel glum or even depressed. This is Seasonal Affective Disorder, a type of depression that’s related to changes in seasons and begins and ends at about the same times each year.

As a licensed Art Therapist, Colleen shared some of her personal top 10 tips for combating the winter blues and staying at the top of your game, all season long. Head on over to Colors of Colleen and take a quick read for yourself! And don’t forget to subscribe to her newsletter as well!