I Deleted Every App On My Phone

I and everyone around me knows I have too many apps on my phone. Years of testing apps from various startups and services combined with the never leave an app behind again "iCloud Backup" meant that unless I deleted an app manually, it never went away. Then something happened. Apparently somewhere hidden in my iCloud backup was a glitch according the Genius's at Apple. I was told the only way to not have it affect my phone anymore was to erase my phone and start from scratch. So that is what I did. 

I have been thinking about doing this for years after reading a few blog posts from others before me. I was attracted to how freeing I heard it could be. Also, I clean my home all the time and it felt about time I did the same for my digital world too. 

So currently, I am only re-downloading the apps that matter to me. In the process I will be saying goodbye to several apps. Those of note worthy in both categroies I will mention here. I thought it would be interesting to share which apps are worth keeping in 2016. So without further ado: 

Apps I Am Keeping:

  • Dark Sky - Best weather app there is.

  • Apple Podcasts - Can't delete but its back on the home screen so Ambition Today is always close!

  • Audible - I listen to a lot of books.

  • Slack - Immediate access for those close to me and on my teams who know my email inbox can get a bit backed up.

  • Todoist - the life saver of to-do list apps.

  • Google Maps - Obviously. I tried Apple maps recently in NYC and it took me to the wrong place by about 20 blocks. I was late for that meeting...

  • Google Inbox - My lifeline. My go to-email app. If you know a better one you swear by then let me know in the comments.

  • Google App - I look up a lot of things. I'm curious, what can I say.

  • Google Drive - Are you seeing a theme here?

  • Twitter - The best social network there is currently.

  • Snapchat - The best up and coming social network. If you need further proof of that, my Mom joined recently. Really loving Snapchat lately.

  • Instagram - Just because.

  • Nuzzel - I love Nuzzel! It has become the first news app I click each day.

  • Yahoo News Digest - When I want to know whats happening in the world outside my immediate industry and networks.

  • Fitbit - because health.

  • Bitmoji - because fun with friends.

  • Giphy - because hilarious with friends.

  • Esper - Great platform to track my time and work.

  • Robinhood - Why is anyone still paying Scottrade $7 to buy and another $7 to sell?

  • Youtube - Loving the content on Youtube recently.

  • The Herd Report - You have to have your own app. Plus the Sabres have Eichel now.

  • Ward eSports - Best new eSports app for fans there is.

  • Timehop - Who doesn't love some personal nostalgia from time to time.

  • Buffer - Best app for sharing content across multiple channels. Works with Nuzzel to easily share article I like.

  • Venmo - Use it constantly with friends and family.

  • Acorns - I didn't want to re-download but it is mobile only so I kind of had to.

  • Uber- I live in New York City. Enough said on this one.

Apps I Am Saying Goodbye To:

  • Facebook - I turned off badge and push notifications a few weeks ago. Not even going to put it back on my phone this time. I will check in on my laptop when I feel like it.

  • Google Chrome - It's just not "that" much better then safari. Don't need it and will give Safari one more chance.

  • LinkedIn - Very, very little value comes out of this app that isn't more easily found other places.

  • Reddit - Nuzzel has replaced it.

  • Periscope - I broadcast from time to time, but I haven't consumed anything of note recently.

  • Medium - The best medium posts surface inside Nuzzel. And Medium has been sending way to many push notifications recently anyway.

  • Vine - I recently went viral on vine, but still do not think enough people are using it day to day. I never open it.

  • Skype - Will probably have to re-download but don't want to.

  • Whatsapp - I talk to these friends on iMessage or Facebook Messenger now.

  • Facebook Messenger - Will probably have to re-download but don't want to.

  • Many, many more - I didn't even re-download any apps from screen 3 or 4 of my phone.

These are the apps I have downloaded while setting my phone back up and the ones that I didn't bring back. I am sure I will have to re-download more apps as I realize I need them and I will do that when the time comes. In the meantime though I feel freed. Most importantly I am excited to see how my phones battery life improves. 

Before and After: Home Screen

Homescreen Before and After.png

Before and After: Screen 2