How Matt Rodak Plans To Fund Every House Flip In America

Matt Rodak

Matt Rodak

Any amount of research into the seemingly eternal-growing market of real estate investment will almost surely make one familiar with Matt Rodak. The 2007 John Carroll grad is the founder and CEO of Fund That Flip, a company which allows anyone to apply for fast and affordable funding in the rehabilitative real estate investment business. The New York based startup had already raised $2 million by April 2016, shortly after graduating from Manhattan's Entrepreneur Roundtable Accelerator in the summer of 2015 and Founder Institute New York prior to that. Fund That Flip finds its niche by bridging the gap between accredited investors and vetted real estate rehab projects in the U.S.

On this episode of Ambition Today, Matt Rodak discusses his seemingly inevitable entrepreneurial roots (despite his "best efforts") as the son of a business owner. He explains how his relationship with his father, and him owning his own company before and during college, led to Matt's on-again, off-again kinship with business ownership. Today, Matt capitalizes on the experiences of his youth by taking action to solve the problems he notices in his industry, such as streamlining the loan application process for prospective "flippers".  We hear about his journey to where he is, his advice on how to get there, and much more:

  • Maturing in an entrepreneurial-spirited family.

  • Paying for college by advancing a teenage lawn-mowing gig to a profitable business that he was able to sell during his sophomore year at JCU.

  • Being introduced to the real estate market through his early exposure to landscaping.

  • What to study in college vs. what to leave to education via real-world experience.

  • Bringing an entrepreneurial spirit to a non-entrepreneurial position at a large business.

  • Using lessons from upper management to implement starting a business.

  • Creating a business to streamline and eliminate the fallacies of market norms.

  • Employing the JOBS Act to capitalize on a brand-new industry.

  • Ownership vs. Accountability in life.


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