Presenting Founder Institute New York 12

FINY12: Summer 16

FINY12: Summer 16

Tuesday of this week we had our Graduate Showcase event bringing together the graduating companies of Founder Institute New York 12 (Summer 16), our New York Founder X Alumni, and our monthly Startup Founder 101 Meetup. Here are some of the great photos from our event: 


The Founder Institute New York Summer 2016 cohort came to an end with 14 new companies graduating. The twelfth batch of the Founder Institute New York includes companies from across several industries such as virtual reality, international food, HR-tech, weddings, fashion, social media, and more.

I would like to thank the great mentors here in New York for the incredible lessons, experience, time, and wisdom brought to each semester's graduates. Without any further ado, I give you #FINY12.


Founder Institute New York 12

Bridal Playbook - Tell us your vision, sit back and relax while wedding vendors send you quotes.

Candogram - Job match technology using unique machine learning & big data.  

Factual VR - Capture and reproduce crime scenes using Virtual Reality technology. 

Happo - Simplifying your children's birthday planning.

Home Abroad - Discover Africa through textiles. 

Home Matcher -  Find your dream home before it's for sale.

Moro Labs - Bringing ethnic foods to their global diasporas with Baegopa. 

Nekai Leon - A socially conscious & contemporary fashion brand with a personalized shopping experience.

ONYO - The power of choice is yours, always get the food you want.

Own Your Crisis - SaaS for pre-planning family emergencies

Paxi - Native tongue ride sharing for international visitors. 

SocioSpree - A curated marketplace for successfully crowdfunded products. 

Tagland Toys - Simple, organic, fun plush toys for babies. 

The Weekend SPIN - Automatically capture and share your weekend.