How To Be As Famous As Taylor Swift, Casey Neistat, and Tim Ferriss

I would like to thank Michal Sadowski, a mentor for the Founder Institute New York and the founder of Brand 24. Michal was kind enough to show me how to use his Brand 24's platform for monitoring your online presence.

How many online mentions do you need everyday to achieve fame? How can you be as famous as Taylor Swift. Lets find out how to be famous.

To start analyzing this I used Brand 24's platform to start monitoring the online presence of a few celebrities which were at different stages of fame. I first looked at Tim Ferriss, a 3x New York Times best selling author, famous blogger, and podcaster. Second I analyzed Casey Neistat, a HBO and mainstream film maker who is recently working on a daily vlogging project he publishes to YouTube. Last but not least I looked at the data for Taylor Swift, one of the most famous musicians and people on the planet. 

The key metric in determining popularity and fame we will be using is "daily mentions" when looking at the Brand 24 data. This data includes mentions on the open internet across blogs, forums, news, video, photo, Twitter, YouTube, Facebook and more. So lets look at each of these celebrities to see their number of daily mentions in the last 30 days and estimated social reach. 


Tim Ferriss - 1,311 mentions across 30 days

How famous is Tim Ferriss? The case of Tim Ferriss is interesting because he has such a unique and loyal fan following as a New York Times bestseller, blogger, and podcaster. Tim Averaged between 25-75 mentions on the open web per day which creates in the tens of thousands for estimated audience size. Comparing the blue scale bar of mentions on the left, 0 - 100, to the green scale bar on the right of estimated social reach, 0 - 600k, it is very interesting to see how a small number of mentions can quickly multiply to a large audience. 


Casey Neistat - 3,237 mentions across 30 days

How famous is Casey Neistat? Casey's main platform is YouTube. He is also an avid SnapChatter, which unfortunately this analysis does not account for as it is privately scene in app on mobile devices. Across the open internet though Casey averaged about 50-100 mentions per day. These mentions generate an average estimated audience of 30 to 40 thousand people. This is on top of the almost 400,000 people who watch his new vlog everyday on YouTube. 


Taylor Swift - 122,647 mentions across 30 days

How famous is Taylor Swift?  In order to be as famous as Taylor Swift you would need 122,647 mentions in 30 days. See that spike in the number of mentions for Taylor around August 30th. That was the day after the MTV Video Music Awards. Between the awards she won, her crew that she brought along with her, and Kanye West eccentric acceptance speech the amount of people talking about Taylor Swift on a daily basis shot up to 6,000 mentions per day with an estimated social reach of 155,837,304 people. 

So in conclusion you can see that in order to be a famous as Taylor Swift you need to have on average about 4,000 online mentions every single day, which will generate you on average around 40 million person audience. Pretty incredible when you think about it. When is the last time that many people mentioned you on the internet in one day?