Founder Institute New York Twenty

Founder Institute New York 20

Founder Institute New York 20

On October 2nd, five new companies and six founders graduated from Founder Institute New York as the 20th cohort in New York City! We held the event at the wonderful Stand Up NY club on the Upper West Side of Manhattan! The companies in this cohort represented several industries including augmented reality, healthcare, real estate, financial technology, and more.

A noteworthy mention for this cohort is that graduates are 83%, female founders! I want to thank the New York founders of FI NY 20 and I am excited to keep working together and you go forward building your company.

I want to thank the New York Mentors and the Founder Institute team for all the hard work and time put into helping the founders of FI NY 20.

Founder Institute New York 20

MRX World - Restoring ancient monuments to their full magnificence through AR.

Patient Orator - Improving healthcare delivery while eliminating inequities.

Rizep - An AI-powered analyzing platform for residential real estate investors.

SavTax - Taxes automated in a powerful new way.

Tripographers - Access trustworthy travel itineraries and recommendations.