Terry Young's Sparks & Honey Is Mapping Culture To Forecast The Future

Terry Young, CEO of Sparks & Honey

Terry Young, CEO of Sparks & Honey

From a small town in Western Kentucky to becoming an entrepreneur on Madison Ave, Terry Young joins us on this episode of Ambition Today. Terry is a successful advertising entrepreneur and the CEO of Sparks & Honey, a company identifying and mapping emerging cultural waves through the use of machine learning systems, algorithms, and human insight.

After earning his Master’s Degree in advertising, Terry started working in the digital advertising industry in 1995, when digital marketing was just getting started. A short two years later, he was running the company. Terry got the opportunity to live in China and help start-up initiatives while working for McKinsey. He also lived in Kazakhstan while in the Peace Corp where he helped small business shops with their financing and starting their businesses. Terry brings a great perspective on culture and new trends. On this episode, we also discuss:

  • Growing up in a small town in Kentucky

  • The impact of joining the Peace Corp

  • Rebuilding the traditional advertising model

  • The intersection of being gay and an entrepreneur.

  • How Sparks & Honey maps culture

  • Why predicting the future matters

  • Defining micro signals and macro trends

  • What is happening in the space industry

Ambition Today Question of the Day™ :
“How do you best recommend that people in organizations ride the waves in a trend?”

The Single Greatest Piece of Advice Terry Has Ever Learned:
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Quote Of The Episode:
“I say to every person who was here … that has left, you are also leaving your shape and your mold on the company, because it is a reflection on them too.”

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