Matt Mandell Is Automating Businesses So They Can Focus On Higher Priorities

Matt Mandell, GAM Payments

Matt Mandell, GAM Payments

Starting out young, today’s guest, Matt Mandell, created his first company at the age of 12. Matt grew up with a supportive family full of entrepreneurs, so Matt was very comfortable with entrepreneurship from the start. He attended college in DC, where he spent the next several years developing multiple companies that were selective to college students.

Matt is well known for his serial entrepreneurship and has spoken all across the nation teaching students how to become entrepreneurs themselves. He has been publicized multiple times, including New York Times, has helped start up multiple companies, and now is a managing partner with GAM Payments, a payment solution provider for mid-market companies. Interviewing Matt showed that there are different ways to look at being a leader that really make you think. Tune in to hear more:

  • Growing up in an Entrepreneurial Family

  • Creating his first business at the age of 12

  • College experiences in DC

  • The many businesses Matt created while in College

  • Mentoring at Founder Institute

  • Automation and Efficiency

  • Investing in companies instead of creating them

  • Meaning and reasoning for GAM Payments

Ambition Today Question of the Day™ :
“How do you realize when automation is necessary or when you should just do the small task yourself?

The Single Greatest Piece of Advice:
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Quote Of The Episode: 
“If something goes wrong, it is my fault for not setting up the correct system and process for my team”

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