Dennis Mortensen Is Hyper Focused On The Future Of Artificial Intelligence With

Dennis Mortensen

Dennis Mortensen

From the brand new Fulton Center in downtown Manhattan we bring you Dennis Mortensen. He is founder and CEO at, an artificial intelligence driven personal assistant named Amy who schedules meetings for you.

Growing up in a family of entrepreneurs in Denmark, Dennis initially strove to be a game engineer at IBM. He soon failed to resist the call to entrepreneurship though as he started and sold three of his first four companies. Dennis is now changing the way people interact with artificial intelligence by pioneering it's future. After raising $30+ million and growing the team to 93 people, he is hyper focused on building to rescue people's time. It is clear that focus is something he excels at from some of the unique lessons he shared: 

  • Growing up in Denmark in a family of entrepreneurs
  • Difference between being a serial entrepreneur and a first time founder
  • The impact immigrants can have creating jobs in the United States
  • Importance of doing one thing really well 
  • Keeping a clear mind is one of the keys to success
  • Why this wave of artificial intelligence is different from any before it
  • Where the future of Artificial Intelligence is going

Ambition Today Question of the Day™:
"As a serial entrepreneur how do you manage your life and prevent burnout?"

Quote Of The Episode:
"I take pride in the mental freedom Inbox Zero provides me every day. You can start to think again, and really good ideas come with that" 

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