From Israel to Silicon Valley, Niv Dror's Journey To Conquer Social Media

Niv Dror, Shrug Capital

Niv Dror, Shrug Capital

Season Two of Ambition Today is happy to welcome Niv Dror, head of social media for Product Hunt. Niv boasts an impressive resume in both startups and finance, stemming from his education at UC Santa Barbara.  After moving to Silicon Valley at a very young age, Niv had surprisingly little involvement in the tech world. It surrounded him entirely and thus he never noticed it, as water to a fish.  However, after auditing a few hedge funds and VC funds as a CPA, he knew where his skills truly belonged.

Niv Dror’s taste of the tech community flourished very quickly, landing non-engineering jobs at DataFox, Meerkat, and Product Hunt. He aspired to add value without asking anything in return, and was rewarded with the experience and skills to climb the ranks at multiple organizations, currently aiding the curation of the world's most cutting-edge technology on Product Hunt. Kevin and Niv explore what's behind this drive, the man he gives credit to involuntarily kickstarting his success, and much more:

  • Growing up in Israel and moving to the U.S. at a young age.

  • Pursuing a finance degree and applying it to the startup world.

  • Getting exposure to the tech industry by auditing a successful VC.

  • Building an engaging community around a product.

  • What changes we can see in social in 2017.

  • The war of pronunciation for “gif”.

  • We why all love gifs and how Twitter is the perfect platform.


Ambition Today Question of the Day™:
"Should people optimize for learning or for earning?"

Quote Of The Episode:
"Community is everything. Without the community, Product Hunt wouldn't work."


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