Why Sean Ellis, Co-Author of Hacking Growth, Optimizes For Reputation And Learning

Sean Ellis

Sean Ellis

In 2010 Sean Ellis coined the term Growth Hacking and now he joins us on Ambition Today. Sean is the Co-author of Hacking Growth with Morgan Brown and currently the CEO of Growth Hackers.

Sean has had quite an impressive career both as a marketer and as an entrepreneur. He was the first marketer at Dropbox, Lookout and Xobni and he has taken companies LogMeIn and Uproar from launch to IPO. Sean is also known for popularizing the term product/market fit. We cover some of Sean's best practices for growing your company, as well as how he thinks of Growth Hacking as it continues to grow into the future. The story of Sean's entrepreneurial journey unlocks numerous insights along the way, including: 

  • What is "Growth Hacking"
  • The role of family entrepreneurship on Sean
  • The value of spending time abroad
  • Being the first marketer at Dropbox, Lookout, & Eventbrite
  • How pushing through the fear of failure has lead to success  
  • Making the leap from employee to entrepreneur
  • Optimizing for reputation and learning over money
  • How business teams need to be thinking about Growth
  • The value of having a chip on your shoulder

Ambition Today Question of the Day™:
"What excites you? What motivates you to keep going?"            

The Single Greatest Piece of Advice Sean Has Ever Learned:
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Quote Of The Episode:
"For me, the two big motivating factors were reputation and learning. I wanted to build a reputation because that would open the door to the best learning opportunities." 


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