A Product Hunt Live Chat Interview With Me

The wonderful folks at Product Hunt have asked me to do a Product Hunt Live Chat on September 20th at 1:00pm EST (10:00am PST). You can click the link below to sign up a head of time or submit a question now! You will be reminded before the event starts if you sign up now. Then on September 20th be sure to join and ask me anything you'd like. 

You can ask me what my time as Managing Director of the Founder Institute New York helping and advising dozens of startups, teams and founders has been like. Why I started the Ambition Today podcast. Or ask me about the time in college I sent the worst e-mail of my life to one of the top VC's in the country, when I worked for Jason Calacanis, how I pitched Arianna Huffington, my degree in Cognitive Neuroscience, my time as an actual King, or anything else on your mind! 

Product Hunt LIVE is a series of informal, Q&A style chats with entrepreneurs, authors, investors, entertainers and makers from all industries with the Product Hunt community. They are all an hour long and are open to anyone who signs up on Product Hunt. Sign up now!