Paul Polizzotto Transforms Advertising Into Real World Positive Social Change With CBS EcoMedia

Paul Polizzotto (Eric J. Smith / CBS EcoMedia)

Paul Polizzotto (Eric J. Smith / CBS EcoMedia)

From the CBS EcoMedia office’s in New York City, Serial Social Entrepreneur Paul Polizzotto, who is one of the most passionate and dedicated entrepreneurs I know, joins us for episode 19. Paul is the founder and CEO of CBS EcoMedia, which harnesses the power of advertising and transforms it into a powerful engine for positive social change. 

Paul’s personal philosophy and actions around social entrepreneurship over his lifetime have created an incredible story thus far. His journey started in California when he was younger and used to surf the then polluted waters of Santa Monica Bay. Paul noticed that the existing companies in the contract cleaning industry were improperly discharging contaminated water into the storm drains, which then drained into the bay that his friends and him surfed in. His first company Property Prep helped to improve those conditions through a solution that properly disposed of the contaminated water. He now works to improve the world through his most recent company CBS EcoMedia, which was acquired by CBS and funds the most effective non profit companies that are taking on the most urgent social issues of our time. In this episode we also discuss:

  • Seeing opportunity around you in the world everyday.

  • How surfing and risk taking has influenced Paul as an entrepreneur.

  • What happens at the intersection of art and engineering.

  • Difference between working hard FOR an idea and working hard ON an idea.

  • How to be receptive to the right ideas in your life.

  • Paul’s 4 criteria for knowing if an idea is worthwhile to pursue.

  • How Paul created the national Adopt-A-Waterway Program in the United States.

  • Using existing business models to transform other industries.

  • The partnership with CBS that led to EcoMedia being acquired.

  • If you get exactly what you want, will you have the courage to follow through with it to meet your goals.


Ambition Today Question of the Day™:

How should a person take an idea they have and navigate it into reality?


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