What Does Patriotism Mean

George Washington's Inauguration Site, Federal Hall, NYC

George Washington's Inauguration Site, Federal Hall, NYC

I think it is important to take time to reflect when life gives us the opportunity to do so. Over the July 4th weekend we celebrated the 240th anniversary of America's independence and I visited the inaugural location where George Washington was sworn in as the first President. If you want to visit too, it is located at the Federal Hall on Wall Street here in NYC. Just across from the New York Stock Exchange.

I was thinking about what does it mean to be an average American. What did it mean then and what does it mean 240 years later, today. There has been a lot of heated controversy in the media about this recently, due to the upcoming election.

Then my brother text me a youtube video of that I NEEDED to watch in honor of the weekend. The video is of John Cena explaining what Patriotism means in today's world. I watched it on my brothers recommendation and to my amazement thought the words leaving the WWE Champion's mouth were so perfect I would share it with you here. I promise to get back to startups in my next post, but for now watch what John Cena had to say below. You will be pleasantly surprised I think. 

Patriotism - devoted love, support, and defense of one's country.