Startup Of The Week: TeddyMozart

I am starting a new blog segment called the "Startup Of The Week", or S.O.T.W.™ for short, where I plan to highlight some great startups. There are several startups working to make the world a better place and I want to tell you a little bit more about some of them.

The Startup Of The Week I have selected for the week of May 30th is TeddyMozart

Company: TeddyMozart

Founder: Carlton Bennett, Founder & CEO

Headquarters: Brooklyn, New York          Operating: Globally

One sentence pitch: The first smart toy dedicated to connecting families across the world to share love and inspire growth in young children through music.

In my words: The app technology and the plush bear that come together to make TeddyMozart, create a unique experience that allows a child and family member to feel connected in a fun, loving, engaging and playful way.  

In their words: “Families can use the TeddyMozart app and easily record and store a family's traditional songs, lullabies and stories from anywhere and share it with young children from generation to generation, forever. Young children get to listen to these musical experiences through the comfort of a high quality TeddyMozart plush toy.”


Who is product for:

  • Family members who believe in preserving their voice through memories.
  • Parents who want to set the mood or inspire kids with a song.
  • Busy parents who like to set playlists of songs unique to their child's daily routine.
  • Family members wanting to provide a unique and memorable gift experience.
  • Parents who want to provide a great companion for their kids.

How It Works:


If you want to learn more about the company or team behind this week's Startup Of The Week you can contact me here