David S. Rose Explains How The New Startup Crowdfunding Rules Affect You & His New Book The Startup Checklist

David Rose, The Startup Checklist

David Rose, The Startup Checklist

On this episode of Ambition Today David S. Rose explains his new book The Startup Checklist, how the new startup crowdfunding rules affect you & angel investing 101. A third generation serial entrepreneur, David's new book The Startup Checklist which is now a New York Times Bestseller. David is also the author of the Angel Investing: The Gust Guide to Making Money and Having Fun Investing in Startups, as well as the Founder and CEO at Gust. 

A man of many titles: Entrepreneur, Angel Investor, Mentor, and Author; David has had an incredible career starting several businesses. Crain's New York Business has called David "the father of angel investing in New York".

Today we learn about how he got started as a founder, became an angel investor, and where he is now as an Author and CEO. We cover the basics of how angel investing in startups works and unpack what the new SEC crowdfunding rules actually mean for startups, your friends, your family and you. We also learn about: 

  • How an Urban Affairs degree enhanced David's views on business.

  • Why he started Angel Investing.

  • How NY Angels was created.

  • How do you set the foundation for a great startup company.

  • Angel Investing 101.

  • What is an Accredited Investor.

  • How Title 3 of the JOBS Act impacts startups and you.

  • What the new SEC crowdfunding rules mean if your income or net worth is below $100k.

  • What the new SEC crowdfunding rules mean if your income or net worth is above $100k.

  • If a founder decides to fundraise from non-accredited civilians, what do they need to know?

  • What platforms are enabling crowdfunding right now?

  • How can you invest in startups now.


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