How Jeff Stewart Helps Loan Money To Strangers All Over The World With Lenddo

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Lend an ear as we interview how NY Serial Entrepreneur Jeff Stewart founded numerous companies, including his most recent business, Lenddo.

Jeff was a pioneer in the early days of the internet. He started Square Earth in the mid 90's and it eventually got acquired. His second company Mimeo was started in 1998 and is still operating today. Now he is the Founder and Chairman of Lenddo, which uses non-traditional data such as your social media profiles to provide credit scoring and verification to economically empower the emerging middle class around the world. To hear about the rest of Jeff's business ventures and life lessons be sure to check out the whole episode, including: 

  • How Dale Carnegie's writing influenced Jeff's early years.

  • The advantages of understanding the technology within your products.

  • How Jeff watched the internet double in size in one day.

  • Jeff's experience guiding Mimeo through the financial dot com crash.

  • The parallels between the dot com crash and the 2015-2016 "tech bubble".

  • What is an Entrepreneur in Residence?

  • The power of having customers before you have a company.

  • The pains of being too early to market within an industry.

  • How do you verify a person's identity?

  • The importance of having the right team.

  • How to find the a great advisor!


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