Patrick McGinnis Tells You How To Be A 10% Entrepreneur And How He Coined The Meme F.O.M.O.

Patrick McGinnis, Author of the 10% Entrepreneur

Patrick McGinnis, Author of the 10% Entrepreneur

You are not going to want to miss out on this episode! Patrick McGinnis, Author of the 10% Entrepreneur joins Ambition Today for episode fifteen. We talk about the unique ways in which people can engage in entrepreneurship on the side, how to travel the world, and how Patrick coined the term F.O.M.O. (Fear of Missing Out) on the internet. Patrick went from growing up in the small blue collar town of Sanford in Maine to visiting over 70 countries, investing in several companies with AIG Capital, co-founding his company Real Influence, and now publishing his book.

Leaving Maine, Patrick went to Georgetown for International Economics which eventually lead to an entire year being paid for to live in Argentina. After his time abroad he came back to work in Latin American investment banking on Wall Street in New York City. When his position was dissolved he then re-evaluated his role in finance and went on to Harvard Business School before joining AIG Capital. At AIG Capital Patrick focused on investing in early stage startup companies. He later founded, Real Influence, a company which enabled branded video partnerships for early Youtube stars. That experience taught Patrick the lessons he shares now in the 10% Entrepreneur. From Patrick’s life we also explore:

  • Overcoming the local hometown mentality when leaving your hometown.

  • The value of traveling the world and living abroad.

  • What to do when you find yourself in a life threatening situation.

  • How Patrick went from Wall Street analyst to Venture Capitalist.

  • The impact being at AIG during the 2008 financial crisis had on Patrick’s life.

  • What stress can do to the body long term when you let it build up.

  • Overcoming Turrets syndrome and what other people think.

  • Making the leap from investor to founder.

  • Selling something for the first time.

  • What does it mean to be a 10% Entrepreneur.

  • How partnering with people can expand yourself outside your comfort zone.

  • How do you get a book deal.

  • Coining the word term F.O.M.O. (Fear of Missing Out) on the internet.

  • Learning resilience at an early age.

Ambition Today Question of the Day:

What was the gold standard “norm of jobs” when you were growing up that your friends and family accepted as a good job to have, but you didn’t?


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