Everyday Is Donors Choose Best School Day

Last month you may have heard about "Best School Day" courtesy of Stephen Colbert and some other very generous individuals. Several successful people around the United States secretly flash funded every Donors Choose campaign in their home cities, totaling over $14 million in donations in one day.

If you are not familiar with Donors Choose, it is a crowd funding education platform that connects teachers in high-need communities with donors who want to help. It is a great platform and it has impacted classrooms all over the country. I have seen it's effect personally before through the hard and impressive work of Colleen, or Ms. M as her students call her. While Best School Day may be over there is still plenty of good to be done, so I wanted to highlight one Donors Choose campaign that I am supporting right now.

"Budding Artists Need Art Supplies & Literacy Resources!" is a current Donors Choose campaign by Ms. M at P.S. 172 Elementary School in Brooklyn which will help over 450 Arts Students. Specifically, the students need art cards to support literacy, an artist DVD, papers, paints, a light box, glue tubes, and texture rollers to carry out art lessons throughout all elementary grades. To support these arts students, just learn more about Ms. M's work at P.S. 172, or to get involved with any other project on Donors Choose you can click here. I know the students will appreciate it!