Ambition Today: Avi Yashchin of Clean Edison Talks Having His Company Acquired, Data Science And Clean Energy

The sounds of science are ringing through episode 12 of Ambition Today when Avi Yashchin comes on the show. Avi is the founder of Clean Edison, the nation's largest sustainable energy education and training firm in the US. for those seeking to enter the Solar, Wind, and larger Energy space.

Avi had a fascinating front row seat to the great recession in 2008 while employed by Lehman Brothers and his story is quite incredible. The lessons and uncertainty created from being inside a failing company led Avi to afterword, like a phoenix rising from the ashes, found Clean Edison. In this episode we talk about his story growing and eventually having Clean Edison acquired by Kaplan. Also data science, the future of energy, and even more science: 

  • How going to Rocket School as a kid impacted Avi.

  • Starting a career in New York in late 2001.

  • What the Great Recession looked like from the inside of Lehman Brothers.

  • What to do if you have multiple ideas to start multiple different businesses.

  • Having Clean Edison was acquired by Kaplan.

  • Finding the right partners that compliment your business.

  • The importance of building a business with recurring revenue.

  • Why data science is cool.

  • How the declining cost of data is going to impact the world.

  • The future of clean energy.

  • The future of the planet.

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