Ambition Today: Justin Dombrowski Uncovers The Power Of Curiosity, History, Bitcoin, & Education In Life

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Break out your pen and paper and get ready to take notes because you will be tested on this episode! Justin Dombrowski, Principal at Historiocity teaches some incredible lessons during Episode #11 of Ambition Today. 

One of my favorite quotes from this episode perfectly embodies Justin's strong curiosity from a young age: 

"I was trying to figure what kind of things best explained the world that I was interested in."

Justin has more degrees than you can count from institutions such as Columbia and Oxford. The real question though is why? Listen in to find out what Justin thinks of his personal experience with the formal education he has received and how he compares it to the world of entrepreneurship. 

Through all his education Justin has become an expert on world history. We talk about what the past can teach us and ask the question: does history repeat itself? In his post academic life Justin now applies his intellect as an expert in the world of Cryptography, Bitcoin, and Financial Technology. Episode 11 of Ambition Today is packed with the following: 

  • The power of curiosity.

  • How to manage curiosity.

  • How the access to information is changing education.

  • The value of formal education in the modern world.

  • How to use history to understand today.

  • Does history repeat itself?

  • How core human behavior is the golden thread unifying history across centuries.

  • Who is Satoshi Nakamoto?

  • What is the future of Bitcoin.

  • How will Bitcoin impact the world.

  • The importance of living life.

Ambition Today Question of the Day:

What kind of education is most valuable?

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