Shahab Kaviani of CoFounders Lab, Breezio, and Hyperoffice on Ambition Today

Shahab Kaviani Kevin Siskar Ambition Today Podcast

On this episode of Ambition Today, I was joined by serial entrepreneur Shahab Kaviani. Shahab is most notably the co-founder of CoFoundersLab, a global organization helping entrepreneurs find their co-founder and launch lasting new businesses together. Previously he cofounded Hyperoffice and recently he is the co-founder of a new company Breezio, which is a collaboration platform for research scientist to accelerate discoveries through team science.

Today we discuss Shahab's journey through serial entrepreneurship. We explore some questions such as: 

  • When is the right time to replace yourself as CEO?

  • What to do when Google decides to enter your market?

  • How to test your companies MVP offline without even building a website?

  • Who could be the right company to merge with?

  • The new Ambition Today Question of the Day ( Q.O.T.D.β„’ )

  • And More

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