Why You Should Guest Vlog

If you are a blogger then you know one of the top ways to grow your audience is exposure on other blogs. Everyone tries to do it and it works in a very symbiotic way. Person one gains some followers from person two's audience and then vice versa person two gains some followers from person ones audience. 

This doesn't only work for blogs though and there is a new medium growing in the world right now. Thanks to the increase and accessibility to bandwidth more and more people are consuming video through the day. This has led to the rise of the daily video blog, hence forth referred to as the vlog. 

Vlogging is growing in frequency as many content creators realize the high value of having consistent content and it's ability to repeatedly bring the same users back for more.  This is opposed to creating one hit wonder viral videos. With a consistent flow of content that can be found in the same spot the audience seeks you out more often. They know they can count on new fresh content every time they visit. 

So as vlogging grows we are going to see some interesting strategies to grow these new video audiences. One of those happened recently and is a great example of collaborative guest vlogging.  Last week Casey Neistat, a vlogger residing in NYC, flew out to Ohio to hang out with Roman Atwood. Casey currently averages about 300 thousand views per daily vlog, while Roman Atwood currently averages around 1 million views. 

This is the end result below and it is pretty cool in a sort of Bill Murray Groundhog Day kind of way. Watch the same day, from two different camera angles, two different approaches to editing, and two different audiences.

The Day From Casey Neistat's Perspective: 


The Day From Roman Atwood's Perspective: