What A Birthday Taught Me

Today is my Birthday.

However, the fact that today is my birthday is only the foundation here. The main point is that when I woke up today I was excited. Before I spoke to anybody that day I took a deep breath and I felt confident in the day ahead of me. I could probably best describe this feeling as “Carpe Diem”. For my birthday I am not expecting anything extravagant. I don’t plan on receiving any lavish gifts. Still though, I feel excited. Energized. And I feel this way year after year.

I think most of us are hyper aware of our surroundings on special or unique days. Holidays are a good example. The have a similar special feeling. You know when you wake up this isn’t going to be an ordinary day. As you experience holidays the special feeling you have is shared among everyone celebrating the holiday that day. The interesting and unique thing about birthdays though is that you are the only one the day is about. There are multiple people involved in the celebration but at the end of the day your this day on the calendar solely belongs to you. That excited and energized feeling you get from the day is only inside you.

So I got to thinking and questioning myself. Why can’t everyday feel as unique as how I feel on my birthday. Why am I not giving everyday of my life the same sort of energy, excitement, and thrill?

I think it could possibly be that the level of reflection that one has on their life during their birthdays is somehow refreshing from other days of the year. A sort of mentally breaking the normal routine of life.

If simply labeling and viewing the day differently in our minds can break the routine of a normal day (while still having the same routine) and at the same time make life more exciting, then shouldn’t we be doing that everyday? Wouldn’t it be nice if everyday felt like we existed with as much purpose and excitement as we feel on birthdays?

I think I am going to give it a try. Carpe Diem.