A New Philosophy: The Future of Mobile Computing

I have decided that it is time to lay out my philosophies regarding the tech industry in the next few segments posted here. I have been following the tech industry for a few years now and during which I have noticed several major macro-economic trends are developing and yes, I used the word macro-economic. I find these facts fascinating, however I will not blame anyone if you don’t share my enthusiasm. Here we go.


Now I know that mobile being the future is usually a gimme and very obvious. However, I feel that most people understand the way mobile is progressing into the future incorrectly. To start we need to lay down some numbers for a foundation. The human population of planet earth hit 7 billion as of March 2012 and is growing. There are 2.5 billion people on this planet that currently have access to the internet and there are 5 billion people with wireless cell phones. The current majority of those cell phone users having what we will call “dumb” phones for lack of a better term. It is important to note that the iPhone and most Android smartphones are now a few years old. If you connect those data points you will see that most older smartphone models which are connected to the internet are now being offered as the free phone by carriers to customers who want to upgrade from their “dumb” phones. These carriers use mostly two year contracts with their customers.

Therefore in the next two years, it is predicted that the actual population of the Internet will almost double thanks to new smartphone users coming online in various countries around the world with their new internet connected mobile devices. That’s not even including the 54.8 million tablets now online that didn’t even exist four years ago. It’s pretty incredible to think that the internet is only half the size of what it will be in just two years time, even though it’s been over 20 years since Tim Berners-Lee invented the World Wide Web at CERN. This single statistic shows that the internet as we have experienced it thus far is only the very beginning. The way the internet is experienced, looks, and interacts with human life is going to evolve drastically going forward in time.

There is a second part of the mobile renaissance that is misunderstood as well. Mobile devices won’t be the only devices used in the future. To clarify, mobile devices are referring to both tablets and smartphones, as opposed to PC’s, desktops, and gaming consoles. All of these devices matter and will be used together. There is a major reason why and my next theory/post will show you why.

To be continued…