Ambition Today: John Federico, Co-Founder Of Event Hero On The Future Of Podcasting, Marketing, and Superman

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What an event episode ten of Ambition Today is as Jon Federico, co-founder of Event Hero and @GadgetBoy himself comes on the show all the way from warm and sunny Austin, Texas. 

Ever wonder why most podcasts are sponsored by Today we a speaking with John Federico who years ago worked at Audible and invented the podcast affiliate program. Through the years he also worked at Advance Internet, Blog Talk Radio, and more. He is now the co-founder of Event Hero which is the first integration Platform-as-a-Service for event technologies. He also hosts the EventTech Podcast is all about event technologies where John interviews EventTech company CEO’s and product managers, industry thought leaders and event organizers. If you are a new startup founder and want to better understand the world of podcasting, audio, and marketing this episode is for you. 

  • How an economic crash can influence you years later.

  • Why the medium of audio matters.

  • Recognizing when life deals you an opportunity and capitalizing on it.

  • Understand the world of podcasts.

  • How John created the Audible Podcast Affiliate program at

  • Making the leap from employee to entrepreneur.

  • How to re-brand your company.

  • Who would win in a fight: Batman or Superman?

  • The future of podcasting.

  • Using content marketing such as blogging or writing a book to grow your brand.

  • Winning the battle for people's time and attention.

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