Careers Of The World's Best Founders

Where Do The Best Founders Come From

So you want to be the next Steve Jobs, Richard Branson, Walt Disney, Henry Ford, or even Colonel Sanders. Ever wonder where do the best founders come from? Well consider your self covered thanks to this new collection of careers of the world's best founders.

The journey to greatness is not always just sunshine and rainbows. It is a journey and along the way there are plenty of successes, failures, new ventures founded, and lessons to be learned. You hear some of those stories on Ambition Today. If you are wondering about societies late great founders of the past though, then here you go. Fleximize answers the following questions:

  • How did the greatest entrepreneurs start out?
  • What were their biggest successes?
  • What failures did they have to overcome along the way?

Here are the answers all packed into one charted collection of the careers of 33 inspirational company founders, showing that there’s more than one path to success.