Ambition Today: Jeff Wald, Co-founder of Work Market, talks Harvard, NYPD, Venture Capital, Startups, and Mentoring

Jeff Wald, Work Market

Jeff Wald, Work Market

On episode eight Jeff Wald, Co-founder and President of Work Market join's Ambition Today. 

"The only thing I know with 100% certainty is that it ain't going down like this." - Jeff Wald

Jeff Waldโ€™s background is nothing short of impressive. He started at Cornell University and then went to J.P. Morgan. He then went back to school at Harvard for an MBA. After Harvard Jeff spent time at Glen Rock Group before going on to Co-found Spin Back. The wild ride of Spinback, his first startup, took Jeff to almost moving back home after coming close to running out of money. The answer was to rebuild the business which later ended up getting acquired. After acquisition Jeff went to Barington Capital Group, and finally to his current company where he is the Co-founder and President of Work Market. Did I mention he was also an auxiliary member of the NYPD as well? This is an episode packed full of insights: 

  • Is getting a Master's of Business Administration worth the return on investment?

  • Should you start a company or get an MBA?

  • The value of spending time with Entrepreneurs.

  • How to break into Venture Capital.

  • Leaving a job in Venture Capital to start a new company.

  • How to attract high quality investors in your startups such as Fred Wilson from Union Square Ventures, Spark Capital, and Softbank.

  • The one question you should start every meeting with.

  • The four different types of conversations.

  • Differences between Advisors and Mentors.

  • The importance of giving back to others

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