Education vs Experience

Many entrepreneurs, or just people for that matter, spend time educating themselves when they come up against an obstacle. They spend time researching online, asking friends and family, reading books, and more. Education can be a powerful force when you are working to solve a problem. The key word in that last sentence though is work. 

Education is a tool that can be leveraged through experience. Without acting on new knowledge, the energy you put into educating yourself with new information is not that useful. It could even paralyze your efforts without you realizing it. This is why it is so important to act on and work through your problems while you educate yourself. 

Here is the secret though. While education needs to be applied through experiences to be effective. Experience does not require education to make progress toward your goals. 

Experience through action can still be useful even if you are not educated. It is obviously not as powerful as when education and experience are combined, but still better than just endlessly educating yourself. On it's own pushing through with pure experience may be harder at first, but it will still result in progress toward your goals. Also an added bonus, experience can even sometimes cause education as a by product of jumping in. 

Have I mentioned before that I minored in Philosophy? I know this is a bit of a deep logic piece about casual inference, but if you are still following me here, the point I want you to take away is this. 

The next time you find yourself searching the internet for an answer while dazed and confused and all progress toward your goals has ceased, stop what you are doing. Take a step back and ask yourself if you can just move forward. If so, go for it. Jump in and move forward with the next or another step. More often then not, the best educational answers you were searching for will reveal themselves to you on the other side of experience anyway. 

P.S. You can listen to this for a little extra motivation when pushing toward those harder goals.