This Is How To Overcome Self Doubt

This is the face of self doubt. This is what it looks like in real time. You only have to watch up until the first minute in the video below to know what I am talking about.

This is Filmmaker and now also Youtuber Casey Neistat on March 30th, 2015. He had just come back from vacation and during that time made the decision to start vlogging everyday. Coming up with vlog content was not much of a challenge on the exciting tropical island this adventure started on, as it was upon his return to New York City. Being back home in New York he was realizing the commitment to himself would have to now work into his existing day to day of 8 hours at a desk, reading e-mail, and sitting in meetings. 

I have been thinking about this moment more and more recently. Especially as I work to make a consistent flow of insight into startups, ambition, and life growth. I have considered forcing myself to release content everyday. Watching that video you can see the moment in time, right there where a person doubts they can achieve the goal they promised themselves. It can feel almost like staring the mirror. So what do you do.

"So I can make today interesting and maybe even tomorrow interesting, but I do have some general concerns about sustainability. Anyways, here is my first vlog from New York City." - Casey Neistat

This is what you do. You put your head down and you make today interesting. And tomorrow you make tomorrow interesting. The day after that, you make it interesting too. And you keep going, and going, and going. You work. Then you work more. Some days are harder than others, but regardless you keep working. You just do it. The first step to greatness is taking the first step. 

Fast forward 200 days and vlogs later, Casey is still vlogging every day. It has paid off. The result of him putting his head down and fulfilling his commitment to himself has been incredible. His Youtube subscribers have increased over 1,000,000 since starting and his daily videos get over 500,000 views every day within hours of him posting them.

So in conclusion, I am going to just do it. Let's go make today more interesting. Hope to see you tomorrow. 


All of Casey Neistat's Vlogs since March 2015.