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This is ambition today today we are joined by peter shank men he's the founder and shank minds business masterminds and host of the faster than normal podcast you may also know him from his company a herro or help a reporter out this is the story of human ambition these are the entrepreneur he's creators investors him builders ambitiously teams to the world explore the hardships in heroin sense of everyday life while we revealed the key moments to leave behind a lasting legacy this is ambitious in today with kevin Siskar what's up ruled i am kevin ciscar you're listening to ambition today makes you subscribe to our website ciscar dako to make sure you never miss the latest ambition today episodes such as our last episode and we talked to sean ellis the author of hacking growth and ceo of growth hackers but today we are joined by peter shank men from the shank man's business masterminds at host of the faster than normal podcast his also the founder of herro or help a reporter out peter welcome to envision today can amir thanks for having me let's get started at the bottom of we can we can go up from there where are you from and are there any influences from your earlier that kinda stick with you today so bordeaux raised manhattan and new york city public school kid very proud of that moment i went as low performing arts boston university graduated graduate school in santa barbara california with eighteen credits to go lost my financial aid government semiliterate said your parents maked too much money were taken we have an inch latest sent the government back said they do make too much money that they keep it government and find the fine.This election york was hanging out in the melrose placed tv gossip chat room in america online back in the midnineties someone that chat rooms had my company should it bill the newsroom monies may resume two weeks later it was moving dented virginia to become the founding editor of aol news so i launched the awol newsroom back when a what was the internet and it was pretty amazing at a really great time doing that so let three is there left aol in late seven move back new york took a job for about two weeks with someone and realize that i did not have any desire to work for anyone and from there uh starting to go um on my own figured i would start a pr firm see how that did and when it failed o get a job well i've had three companies all that have had successful exits and i haven't had any of the jobs about twenty years so semester pretty lucky that's awesome what was what was growing up in new york city lake i i grew up in buffalo avenue philly new york's these were the most unique places to grow up especially as a kid rejected in the subway system graffiti what what what what was what was new york civic life like it was pretty awesome for me i i mean up in new york city was was was killer because um you know but we were just in this amazing world where it's like out saturday at noon and that a deal to undo analysts see a broadway show you know and people in the real world the outside nears they can't do that and so we really enjoyed that had a great time with uh with uh you know going central park in an interesting story this city and you became a lot more street smart and streetsavvy in weiser uh a lot earlier in time than you did in other sort of other places you might have little.Regained a college collagen being much much sort of i guess that's more streetsmart than than most of my friends instead was pretty cool yeah i mean i think that's that's gotta be a huge advantage especially as you enter enter the world the real world suited to college went to america online uh in its heyday i mean american line was growing but like wheat like weeds back then a believe at that time they were the world's largest producer of cds her among other things yeah yeah and so all of course american line itself but what was at lake being added company growing that fast so young what did what was the so he's earned is so many amazing things in that three years that i was there ted leonsis and steve case were mentors and i am just so fourset but i had them to learn from um i learned a you know a that was my first foray into the world customer experience a customer service and those are lessons that have saved stayed would be today uh very much so so very very much a um a uh the blessing that i managed to take the job and get it when i did yeah that's that's amazing the especially that you got to spend so much time a steve case and that's actually a pattern i've seen on the show is so many entrepreneurs were close in proximity to other great entrepreneurs and and how that transcends you know the lessons transcended to future generations that's amazing.What about a so so quick ted's at while we're on the media topic talking about finding the news room and awhile what what do you think is happening in the world of news today and do you do think it's broken that you have any ideas on how to make it better i think it's definitely changing i think that um you know the concept that anyone can be a journalist is kinda messed up because not everyone can be journals louise people suck um you need real journalist experience to be a real journalist that being said it's not gonna stop anytime soon so you know the best thing that uh that news agencies news companies can do is um through create uh more of experience around that we understand that it did did is changing and they need to adapt with that all right um yeah it feels like there's there's a real need for accountability somehow to be injected into the ecosystem and to to keep it true to true journalism no question about so so the new started introductions uh what will was that it was acquired by private equity companies you thousand seven judges was the company to let you choose your seat meet before you at a mere plant and it was a great way to sort of find people who leader wouldn't talk to your might be interested in hang out with you and the lesson i learned there is that it's great to have an idea but if you're not if the timing doesn't work you're going to fail i was waiting.Who head of the game and they did it today i simply would have it up in the facebook and expedia back then at that exists so it was so you're making members do way too much for a little payout so that was a very valuable lesson to learn that being said it was acquired and the company bought it you know they tried to do the same day in rent the ground but it was a good uh it was a good lesson let's and so you parlayed that experience forward in to help a reporter out for those listening the don't know what what is help a reporter out and uh can you tell me kind of the story of how it came to be at massive adhd to the point where around the number one podcasts than i tuned for adhd called faster than normal and have a book coming out called fast the normal which being published by random house all about the concept that adhd is a gift not curse one of the things that adhd is that your naturally curious he went to talking to everyone if you're an airplane next to me i'm unless you fake you're on definitely know everything about you before we land and one of the things about that is that i just have a ridiculously large road exit journalist who talked me all the time and that say hey i'm doing a story on whoever who do you know.Oh and so over time i wound up learning a lot of um uh finding a lot of people meeting a lotta people and would help beloved journalists that parliament's journalists calling me sam doing a story on whatever and so i said it's gonna be a better way to do this and wants to facebook page that became a mailing lists the mindless became 300000 people strong in under your and a half receiving three meals a day with seventy nine percent open rate per email um which allowed me to post small text add the top beach email those imos at queries like seventy by queries from media and every single email um if you could answer the questions you reply directly the journalist you've got putting the paper or the tv or whatever it was a i got very lucky it was a great system it worked very well it was acquired by what is now purity's wire and above 3s effort started it yeah that's awesome i read somewhere that you grew to in a one point five million wa while still working from home which is an amazing in almost a little bit ahead of the time now now it seems more and more people are building lifestyle businesses like that but that's amazing you're able to do that had at the time and it's too works actually have portfolio companies they use it to add to this day and added beginning some serious press out of putting the work in the herro so that that's amazing love your on that.So so what was what was the end result with help reporter out so again acquired you saw that i worked there for a bit um what what will was next albert what it was acquired i made way are now with them and then i walked away i'ma i go with the take a uh a uh a year off that lasted a week ago board and so um i could salt now i do tons of uh is already tons of corporate speaking i'm focusing really heavily right now and on this adhd lifestyle um uh he's over the booklaunching and things like that so having a lot of fun and uh you know an a very fortunate position where i still working plus now do everything i want and enjoy myself so after the break i want to talk a lot of talk a lot about faster than normal and your podcast the new book uh before we jump in into the break could tell me a little about shank minds and some of that consulting and advising and abuse mutual investing as well correct yeah and minds is a mastermind that has about two hundred people in a right now it's ranch nerves anywhere from one to four years and uh um and we help each other out we've bite accountability to you even when we each other up to make sure we all go work out so we're good people and um to shake minds dot com it's in almost entirely um a virtual and a really good group people some amendment love every single one of them um then yemenis investors wealth in uh in uh that several necessary different companies ramelow all right awesome maria take a quick uh could commercial break but we'll be right back with peter shank men uh talking about faster than normal and adhd right if this this is the embassy today.If you enjoy the showed in please leave a review and i tuned store if you don't know how to do that you can his visits ciscar dako slash review and you can leave your view and three quick steps thank you so much for the help and ambitions they is happy to partner with we work occurring space that lets you do what you love have offices in over one hundred and forty locations worldwide many of our own portfolio cubbies use we work for their early stage startups and they can work with everything from one person offices to fall teams so visit ciscar dako slash we work to learn more today 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show on social media at ambitions it today welcome back we are here with peter shank men uh we were talking about herro his company help a reporter out before the break and and it's exits and since then peter has been working on a new book and a new podcast of faster than normal solidly to elect to jump into that a little bit peter what what is fast the normal you mentioned before you've lived with adhd how did you come to this two two spreading this message and a building this summit believes that age d is actually a gift not a curse and if you know how to use it to your advantage you're actually doing pretty well having a faster brain is great if you have the ability to handle it if you don't even though the hell is like giving you a lamborghini when you use a driving a honda if you don't understand how to drive that lamborghini really crash near a tree and so for me i am a big fan of using that brain to the best of my ability to do that i have to live my life by certain life rules because i understand that adhd as fast as it going could throw me off the rails in about two and a half seconds rate i could um um you know you know if i don't if i do the wrong thing if i don't do things that are supposed to do uh it won't end well right so i'm very aware of how i have to live how i have to be.Um these liberals that i put into place for me allow me to function at the highest possible output uh all the time and so in doing at i realized that there have to be other ceos other entrepreneurs believer who do the same thing and so i am i right sort of this podcast will pass the normal with the premise that we interviewed people who are sort of in the same boat and will end up happening is that it turns out there are a lot of people in the same boat very similar um you know i i uh we've had tony robbins of the podcast of golden week a cameron herold scott jordan dame newman of jetblue all these people who understand that the premise behind um uh or adhd means that your your brain is always louis faster and you could do incredible things as long as you have that ability to function um the right way so for me you know things like i quit drinking right i don't drink anymore because i just like everything else i drink really fast and i wouldn't have just wound drink now uh it's like eating what they call um uh this this thing called leftover pizza where people apparently order pizza they have to slice it with the rest of the fridge and they they uh they have the next day leftover guy i don't know what left i've never had lots the pizza that's not a thing if i were a piece i eat the whole pizza so saving me it's very much about being aware of having.A having this faster brain and then making the right decisions all the time to use that fast arraigned to my advantage i won't um look i think were drinking i have to have to exercise every morning and sometimes that have i was giving up israelis three am to get it done before my day starts and a half the do it because if they don't do it i have a uh a bad day joey that's that's all really did do really comes out as i need to be aware and he'd be careful and i need to make sure that i am uh doing the right thing he will i think this is at this is i think this lesson is great and i i checked out a few episodes of fashion the norm on its excellent everyone to check it out i really like the mission about it because it because i think you said i wonder episodes you know if for some people there there is a sticking around this and it can be life or death to note to just come to terms will be cool with it and the fact that you spread that message and you show people i believe to listen to the jet blue episode with the founder weren't blue it's amazing to hear people that are such successes and how they turned it to their advantage so you know i want and what are the things that i think is interesting is about the kind of almost how this parleys and entrepreneurship bright building processes into your life is really important to be a good entrepreneur and it sounds like you know living with adhd almost forces you into that mindset which is very similar to to being a good entrepreneur how do you see if sold three companies how do you see them overlap cry your lifelock leave mindset that makes frigate entrepeneurs great but it's also might that can kill you you know i joke bid on any given day i'm three bad this has three bad decisions in a row away from being a junk in the straits and that sounds you know dramatic but it's actually really true i don't i've never had a problem drugs thank god but you know i also know that it's you know what starts with a.Couple of drinks could could easily go south right because you have that what's adhd adhd is the body's inability to create dopamine serotonin an adrenaline at normal levels and so your constant brings constant looking.Those those chemicals and fortunately i get them like i said it through through positive sources exercise and i'm a license skydiver and you i am a draft law on the public speaking but you know it doesn't take much to get those same chemicals through like one or two drinks which then could lead while wow you know it's causing time but i still am still enjoying this i wanna keep it going in and that now or being in vegas rate i when i go to vegas i have a rider my contract is i don't have to be on the ground for more than eight hours rights while flying i'll give a speech at new flood back out because i don't why not that i'm going to do anything stupid probably won't but why get myself the opportunity right twelve hours if i give a morning and evening speech means that the stay overnight at some point this twelve hours vegas nothing good will come out on a tourist vegas unsupervised so why does by not just not let it happen yet no and i and i think those processes are important i heard another one what what was the one i heard about uh jim close yeah i sleep my jim close so again you wanna be able to crete to to prevent to prevent having to do so things you know if i am if i wake up at four in the morning necessarily want to wake up well it's pretty easy to go back sleep justly mezham close what happens leslie mejia was the legend clothes and then i'm not going back to sleep right it's pretty hard to sleep a need go back sleepy you're in your jim clothes and lights come on already automatically and you're up aid so you know the second yet that sees bar you're ready delaying your day so i do that i just i do things that allow me to make sure that i get it down yeah i love i love life passive had life hacks like that in some of our best guess had those as well so if you could pinpoint or call out sort of the one thing that keeps you motivated dino pushes you into a new endeavour you don't slip into net flicks.Our game of thrones what would that be is it is it curiosity in cattle have moments where you do take time to enjoy yourself but on the flip side i you know i like to work to the way i work and working away i work makes it very easy to continue that process you know i liked doing things excite me of a second and says that um ford move with his thrilling i believe that so i like to sort of push myself forward like that all right and wouldn't what am i favorite ways that that i learned about uh you doing that is you ask for forward four simple words how can i help how did you arrive at those four words and what impact of they had on your life we ah i love the belief that you have to ask you have to ask yourself you have to put out ten times the amount of help into the universe that you asked for and so if i ask for anything i want to make sure that i am and helping people as much so for me i'm a big fan of um i hope i just think it's a good thing the do it's a it's it's beneficial in terms of uh in terms of carmen the universe and plus if you're helping people you become that guy who helps people in everyone likes that right everyone wants to know who you are and so it's a win win all around so for me it's really about doing that i love it so would so tell us a little bit more about your new book uh obviously people could get the podcast now a win when is the book and to be available and what people expect from it the book comes out on october third and the podcast in the book are the basic premises that adhd is a gift and if you understand how to use it to your advantage it can help you build businesses it can help you live better lives it can do print imagemaking millionaires you know having that.Pastor brain is the greatest in the possibly happen and we need to change the conversation around the concept of it's to get fit is not a curse and you know where where we're freaking out because our five euros get diagnosed adhd because they're acting like oh i don't know 'cause they're acting like the fucking five and maybe put them in a.Is that a preliminary or method enemies maybe we sit them down give them some protein instead of three balls of tropical sugar bombs and night it had a plenum instead of playing for the tv for three hours you know maybe let them run around forever before school we'd be amazed at what can happen so we need to change the concept of the pharmaceutical companies running this game we need really need to it's such a great message aren't when we're gonna jump to the ambition today question of the day if you want to submit your question for future episodes you can go to ciscar dako and submit those questions today's question of the day is how do you think about attention management and how do you best optimize your life for it i understand the concept that airplane mode is not just for when you're on their plan for me it is very important to make sure that i do the right things to keep myself going so iit scheduled meetings once a week and it's entire day of meetings and i know them be means that day in that we get productivity done that day that's fine the trading day other days i don't have them i am sitting in office or somewhere where i am not bothered i can work my last three books including two best sellers have been written entirely on our free this article written entirely on airplanes i will book a flight to go right up to two to go write a book because i think that the only where i get on the plane fly fourteen hours turnaround come home but that's my happy place that's maze on a focus we have to have that that's amazing i i'm i'm from buffalo live in new york city and i take the amtrak quite at quite often and i i hear you completely when get the most worked on no distractions so question about it yeah.Well thank you for listening today uh the show notes which could everything from this episode including links to we talk better up on the website ciscar dako should this episode wherever you want online facebook twitter linked dan i message snapchat you get the point tag both me and peter and will happily join in on the conversation if you love emission today 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